Thursday, March 6, 2008

American Idol...hard to choose this week!

What? You say I'm pathetic? It's okay...I admit...I am, but I can't help it! I blame it on DVR...since I can record it, I can fast forward all the things I don't like about the Paula's comments! Sorry Paula, don't mean to offend, I still love your song, "Cold hearted Snake", but the gooshy, weird, to sweet, nice comments are hard to follow even for me! So I narrowed it down to my Top 2 boys for Tuesday night and my Top 2 girls! Listen and tell me you don't agree that these people have wicked talent! Love it!


David Archuletta, of course, I'm sorry...but even though the judges didn't love it, he is still the best!

David Cook: I loved this song growing up, so it was the best performance by far from the night because of his version of it! I hope someone records this version for us to download on ITUNES!!!


Brooke White: She has such a sweet voice. Loved her audition! No Rated R shows...a girl from my own heart!

Carly Smithson: I love her voice! WOW! She was the Irish chick I was talking about before...obviously!


Kass Martin said...

I love love love American Idol. I think Angie (Wilson-from UVDT) and I are going to go for fun this year jus for a girls trip. I watch the show with unwavering love. I actually like Paula's comments but my husband and bro in law are always mocking her while she talks so I don't get the full story. She is a cook. And I am getting a major crush on Simon. He's pretty irresistible. Anyway, That is Rachel from dance team. I will email her b/c she'd love to be in touch with you. I think yours and Lisa's daughters are twins. Seriously, they look so much a like. I too get the " your kids look so much like your hubby" Freak! I was the one to carry them the whole 9 months. Whatever! (my hand is in the moose sign next to my head) You look great! As always.

Kass Martin said...

It's me again. I just wanted to mention that your family gets more and more beautiful. I checked out Rance's myspace page (too confusing, he should get a blog-much easier, well I only know how to blog so there you go) and he looks awesome. What is he up to? I was thinking of him b/c i wen to a dirty dancing class at Golds last night (I thought it was hip hop) and I remember he was teaching something like that. He rocks. Tell him hi from me and if he can't remember which dance team girl I am he better just check the blog. Isn't blogging the handiest thing ever?

Staci said...

hey i totally agree with the top 4 that you picked I love American Idol Tom doesn't but hey he is usually at work anyways!

Lindsay said...

I'm so glad you're obsessed with THE IDOL...My dumb recorder missed both Wed and Thurs night so I'm so glad I could see what you put on. I REALLY loved Brooke's version of her song. Love her! And of course Archuleta. Agree with you though that Cook's song was the best of the night. We're so on the same page.

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