Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Happy 8th Anniversary to us!

February 5, 2008

MountainSport Man and I celebrated our 8th anniversary! Wow...we are old! :) We took a trip to LA this weekend and saw one of our favorite actors on Ugly Betty: Michael Urie perform in a play! It was interesting to say the least...I didn't think he would be able to play serious very well...but he was fantastic...along with the other actors in the play! One of MSM's friends sons is in the play also and told us about it and got us tickets and a possiblilty to meet him...so we jumped on a plane and made a trip of it! It was great fun! We were going to go to a comedy club on Saturday night and on our way to the club we realized that I didn't have my ID...ummm do I pass for older than 21? I thought so, but others usually don't! Oh well! So we ended up not being able to do that...but we had fun nonetheless!

Very small theatre...the purple paint represents the theatre!

Here is us with Michael Urie! Now do you know who he is? If not...watch Ugly Betty...he's hilarious. He was very nice and talked to us for quite a while!

This is us in our rental car! MSM hates driving in places he doesn't know well...see his arms...perfect 10 and 2 form!

This is inside the theatre...that is the stage...small huh!


1. I know that he loves ME!!!
2. He is an incredible Father!
3. He loves the gospel as much as I do!
4. He's honorable
5. He still makes me feel small when he cuddles me...even with my forever weight problems!
6. He gave me DCar
7. He gave me PeePs
8. He's DANG HOT!!! And has a personality...go figure...Face it ladies---I found one of the selected few!

I am absolutely head over heels in LOVE with him. I'll be honest, marriage is hard...everyday I learn something I either love or hate about him! But that is what makes it so interesting and fun...it would be so boring if we didn't grow together and also grow independantly! He has definitely helped me learn how valuable I am as a person...I feel like the woman in the Johnny Lingo story...When I married MountainSport Man I was young...I didn't understand why he would choose me to marry...I didn't feel worthy of him...His love for me has helped me blossom my personality...He helped me realize that we fit together and that I am deserving of him and that he is deserving of me. He has helped me realize my potential and by example he has shown me how to exercise patience and obedience in my life. I still work on those weaknesses, but I have always had him to lean on...and there is nobody else that would do in his place. I have come to realize that I was brought down here to this earth to meet him and to bring my children down to him...I know that sounds crazy, but the relationship he has with his children I stand in awe of. They truly knew and were very close up in Heaven before they came to this earth to receive their bodies! I am also close to my children and would doing anything for them...I love them so much. But his bond is different is more connected its stronger...I am not jealous of it...I love it and am humbled to watch it grow and that I was chosen to be a part of it! I love him...my best friend...forever +1!
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dustin & brooke said...

HEY I'm so glad you found me!!! You and your little family are so cute!! 8 years is a long time! Congrats!! I can't belive Slayde can snowboard!! That is awesome!!! I'm going to add you to my list to!!!

Shannon said...

cute post. i can't believe it was over 8 years ago that poor klayton had to listen to me talk on and on about robert! such a good friend. you guys are an awesome couple. i am very jealous you got to meet micheal urie he is hilarious. i have some questions for you they're on the comments of my last post.

Erika Tebbs said...

Congrats on 8 years! You two are a very cute couple! I miss talkin to you weekly in primary!! Well okay the way our church attendance was every other week Jk!

Sorensen Family Blog said...

That was so cute! You truly are so lucky and Klayton is an awesome guy! I am way jealous you got to meet him you will have to tell me all about it!

Staci said...

hey Congrats on the 8 years thats so awesome looks like slayde is tearin it up with his basketball skills

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