Friday, December 11, 2009

Mark this day on your calendars...

I want every one to mark this day on their calendars because I WON something with out having to pay somebody to draw my name or without whining about it!!!


I am not the type of person to flaunt other people's losses in their face...but it feels so GOOD to win! No wonder people do that!

See over at Hot Dads (where I'm an official Hot MOM-but I did pay someone to do that so it doesn't count like me winning) they had this FANTASTIC giveaway.

They had a bunch of stuff but what I really wanted was this HARD DRIVE that SeaGate was letting the Hot Dads giveaway and this is why:

For those of you who don't know I do photography on the side.

I take a lot of pictures and my hard drives on my computers fill up fast because I'm afraid to throw anything away. So what I have been doing is burning them on a DVD and storing them in a CD case...but the process takes a long time to burn for those of us who have A.D.D. (not clinically proven that I do...but it's self proclaimed) so I rarely find the time to burn the DVD and then my pictures slow down my computer.

So I was at the store a while back and saw this nifty external hard drive that you could fit into a purse! See the other external hard drive's I have bought to store my pictures were big and bulky and a big PAIN IN THE REAR!!!

When I saw that nifty small one I realized I had to have it...but because of Dave Ramsey I couldn't buy it on credit right then, I had to save for it. So I was going to buy it for Christmas as my Christmas gift from the money we had saved for Christmas!!!

So when I saw that Hot Dads was giving one away...I entered, with no thought of actually winning, but I entered and crossed my fingers and hoped and all that other stuff.

So imagine my happy dance when HotDads main guy TentCamper told me I had won! HERE is the proof!

Let's just say I jumped up and down and almost re-broke my clavicle!!!

AND I've already got my hard drive. SeaGate must have sent it right when I emailed TentCamper my address because I got it a couple of days later!

Here is my new baby:

(That's PeePs' hand. She's four. Technically I could fit HER in my purse, but even if you had a small purse you could fit this hard drive into it!)

I'm absolutely, positively in love...and it holds all of my pictures on it! My computers are happy and working faster than ever!

So even though you guys aren't as cool as me and have won one of these adorable should go out and get one if you are in need of somewhere to store extra stuff to relieve your computers hard drive! Just sayin :)

Now...enjoy my son DCAR singing to me in the car--

Now feel free to leave in comments how totally cool I am for winning this...



TentCamper said...

This is the kind of thing that makes us Hot Dads and Hot Mamas!!

Malea said...

Congratualions. It's nice to know that that the starts, Karma, ju ju, or whatever is all in your favor. It can only get better from here. I LOVE the cute video of your son. It is just BEYOND me how he EVER got that cute PERFORMING personality. Your family is just so SHY. crazy.

Malea said...

stars. not starts.

Southern Sage said...

woot woot!! go girl!!!

Kristina P. said...

I am such a loser compared to you!

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

I love it when stuff like that happens. Really the only I have ever won that I can think of is the wicked ticket from April. I doubt anything can top that.

Amber Lynae said...

An external hard drive was on my Christmas list for the same reasons you mentioned. No I want one EVEN more. I really hope that someone has listened to my whining about how slow my computer is how I wished I had a central location for all my photos.

Does Santa listen to mom's too?

April said...

I won a contest last night with my hubby...we were the hottest 70's couple at our Christmas Disco Bash. We won breakfast at Golden Corral. Ummm...I think you win!

BTW...I had a blast with NHC at WICKED even tho we had to sit in different parts of the theater!

Barbaloot said...

I'm so glad you won! Seriously-to win something you wanted so badly is awesome. I know relatively nothing about computers and hard drives and what does what....but it sounds like it's amazing so I'm glad you go it! :)

American in Norway said...

Congrats! I need to invest in something like that... seeing as my crappy laptop crashes every other week! Hope y'all have a wonderful Christmas! :)

SciFi Dad said...

I will admit to being envious of that external drive. We need one so badly it isn't funny.

Shawn said...

Congrats!! Lucky you! I still pull out my huge external hard drive---its the size of a small car---and load my pics and stuff on it....but its got so much room still, I don't feel good about getting a new, chic, little one!

Devri said...

I am soooo jelous!

David Edward said...


I am not the type of person to flaunt other people's losses in their face...but it feels so GOOD to win! No wonder people do that!"

It's just a wild guess - you don't win things very often do you?

: )

H.K. said...

That's what I want for Christmas!

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