Thursday, January 3, 2008

DCar lost his first tooth!

December 29, 2007

DCar lost his first tooth...he was trying to open one of those mini M & M bottles and it popped out...his other bottom tooth right next to it is really loose also!

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Sorensen Family Blog said...

First of all- I love your backdrop! You are going to have to help me do that to mine! And second of all I had to get pictures that I looked HOT in and you and Lisa looked like CRAP so it made me look better! haha!!! Just kidding I think we all look cute that is why I put it up! Love ya! Oh and thanks for letting sladye hang out with us! It was so fun to have him around!

Richard, Ashley and Ben said...

Hey Kolbs,
You guys have a great blog and your babies are so cute! I love the red streaks lady! It was great seeing you guys at the wedding :) Peace out!

Staci said...

hey what up so Im totally feelin some tennis we will have to come down cause im kind of gettin sick of Cedar well come check us out

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