Monday, September 3, 2007

The Wright sisters run the 5K!

September 1, 2007
So Suns Fan #2 calls Dance Master and I up and convinces us to run a 5k with her...okay so it is only 3.10 miles. I thought well I'll do it if Dance Master will...let's face it I knew Dance Master wouldn't go for it...but she did and so we all entered the race! We trained the best way each of us knew how and before we knew was race day!!! (Also the day of Maria Dopp's the way you looked beautiful!!! Congrats! All the Nelson girls looked gorgeous!) Anyway...these pictures are of the race!

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Sorensen Family Blog said...

I am so glad we did this! It was so fun! I am going to start looking for more for us to do! I can't wait! I love you!

Maria said...

Shelle!! You are soo sweet! I'm glad I got to see you for that little moment during my reception! You did have a special glow about you and now I know it's because you ran a 5k that same day... haha! I love your blog too! Love ya, Maria.

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