Monday, September 3, 2007

Hangin with the UofU Fanatics!

August 26, 2007

DCar, PeePs, and Me (Shelle) flew up to SLC to hang out with the UofU Fanatics-we also so Grandma and Grandpa Viv and Ty and hung visited an old friend from West Jordan...the rest of you either were out of town or didn't answer my phone call because you didn't recognize the number...oh well, we got to see Deb and had fun cathing up with her. But these pictures are of PeePs, Dcar, and cousins Beau and Knox-that last picture Beau...I'm trying to help Knox smile!!!

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Mindy said...

wait, wait, wait! you were here again and no visit?! and it was even my birthday on the 25th! i can't believe it! i haven't seen you since before i was boy is over 7 months old now! ok, enough of a lecture. call me when you're coming! i'd love to hang out and catch up. we were in town because i was sick, we were actually supposed to be in boise for jason's brother's open house. how are you guys?? we may be down for a visit before christmas. we're going to celine the first week in december, i'm so excited!! if jetblue doesn't have seats for standby then we'll be driving through st george to vegas. btw--greys starts very soon so start getting excited!

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