Thursday, August 16, 2007

Wii would like to play!

YEA!!! After months of searching and waiting we finally found a Wii! "Wii" love to play it! This is Mandi and I boxing it out...I just want to say that it sucked...but it was fun...My arms were SORE afterward. It was funny because we were punching away and I was getting really tired but knew I couldn't back down to my nemesis Mandi :) and we realized it was just warm up...we had a whole 3 rounds left to play...let's just say someone got "knocked down and didn't get up again"...hahaha...and it wasn't me!!! :)

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Sorensen Family Blog said...

You know I would kick your butt if we went at it in boxing! haha. . .I can only imagine what I looked like, I was out of control!

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