Monday, September 19, 2011

Validation is imcomparable

It's like you each gave me a boon to remind me that I wasn't alone. Validation is incomparable I think. It's the one thing about blogging that will always be missed. I think unless someone blogs and gives it a try for a few months, they will never really understand the depth of feeling we actually begin to feel for one another or the loss of it once we either HAVE to give it up or CHOOSE to.

You guys definitely reminded me of your friendship and love and I can't express to you how incredible your comments and personal emails were. It reminds me I'm not alone in my thinking. So if you guys ever need someone to complain to or vent or support you in anyway... I PROMISE... if my green light is on then hit me up in chat or email me... I would love to be there for you.

Here's a funny story that happened to me. We finally decided to move out of my parents basement. We found someone that would rent to us on a month to month basis because we are still looking for a more permanent job for my husband so we don't know where we would be in the future and didn't want to sign a lease only to have to try and get out of it later. So we moved across town into a house that has 4 bedrooms and 2 baths. It fit us perfectly.

They had been trying to sell the house and have had it on the market for years, so the MLS for it was old, and they told us of this but also said they weren't too worried about people wanting to look through it or buy it since it had been years and nothing had happened.

With all of this knowledge, we decided we still wanted to take the plunge, it was time to be on our own and maybe take a baby step forward from our stagnant position.

We moved in and have LOVED it. It was just the change we needed. And then...

A few weeks ago...

They call us, someone wants to look at the house, "Don't worry, nothing will probably come of it, but..."

Long story short.

The house is practically sold. So we head back to the parents basement.

It is meant to be I'm sure and if or when I'm still blogging in however many years, and my life becomes perfect, someone please remind me of this time in our lives...

It is funny now...

and Amen.

Here's my son at his football game:

He's kind of tall...

Hope you all had a good weekend!



Thursday, September 15, 2011


I know it's been forever and for the first time in a long time, I feel like when I first started my blog and wrote about stuff on my mind, knowing nobody was really out there to read or hear it.

But I finally have something I want to write about. My loved ones and close family and friends are sick of hearing about it and so I find myself having, again, no where else to go but the vast emptiness that can make up the World Wide Web.

I got on the scale today. Up 2 more pounds. I don't know what it is about seeing that number, but it does something to me. My inner bully starts attacking my self-worth... basing it on my weight, even though I know conscientiously that my worth is based on who I am as a person, how I treat people, especially those closest to me- and how I am behind closed doors when nobody is there to watch or judge. I know it shouldn't be based off of a number a scale spews forth whenever I step on it.

So I find myself, again, telling myself this is the day I eat better. See my problem has never been, really, the exercise part. Although there has been times I have been more lacking in that area--it's always something I have tried to continue to do. This last year I have been consistent in going to CrossFit--a very intense way to work out. Barring these last few summer months... I went everyday during the week and sometimes on Saturday's. I know I got stronger, I know I lost inches, yet that scale wavered maybe one or two pounds at the most. Summer months were busy, with work, and photography, and traveling, lots and lots of traveling, I got an infection that I had to stop working out for a bit and just recently have done something to my shoulder (Not work out related). So I've still gone and worked out... but only like 3 times a week. So I KNOW my eating is what is my problem.

So I told myself today after I stepped off the scale that I am marking this day as the Day one of Finding Healthy Shelle. The infamous lifestyle change that I know is just out of my reach. I have this new resolve, yet in the back of my mind I see defeat. "Shelle you've said that before" or "I won't hold my breath". I KNOW that in order to change my body, I need to be really strict for a while and as I get to where I want to LOOK not necessarily weigh... then I can lessen up on the strict a meal or two here and there. But I am my own worst obstacle. How do I change this? What can I do mentally to make THIS time the time it works?

I know it can. I know with eating better and the exercise are an equation that just works. At my CrossFit box it has worked repeatedly. Do these people just have more control? Do I have a serious food addiction? Am I weaker? How did they do it and I seem to struggle so much?

All things I think about constantly. I don't want to be a dreamer... I want it to happen, I want it to work, I want to NOT make it such a big deal anymore.

I don't know where I was going with this. Probably no where. I just spewed forth anything that was on my mind, which is constantly on my mind, day in and day out.

Better stop now though. If there is anyone out there still getting my feeds. I hope you are doing well. I miss blogging, I really wish I had more time to do it everyday.

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